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Since 2003, Anak has been setting up sponsorships in France, Switzerland and Spain which are intended to enable the education of very deprived indonesian children, until they start a professional life. They organize specific actions to allow the financing of school equipment, extra-curricular activities (english lessons, office automation, first-aid…) and also to bring hygiene and health care (regular medical and dental check-ups).

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Since 1998, Bumi Sehat has been contributing to reduce the high mother and infant mortality in Indonesia and to preserve the health of deprived mothers and children by practicing  free pre and post-natal care and free childbirths. Bumi Sehat also provides  Midwife training and professionalization actions, and comes to assistance when natural disasters occur (Aceh, Haïti, Philippines…).This earned its Founder, Ibu Robin Lim to receive the « Heroe of the Year » reward from the CNN in 2011.

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