Our support to 2 local NGOs …

One of Sokasi Banten’s missions is to act as an « NGO Angel », since we are convinced that it is much important to create close solidarity ties between associations to fulfill our aim to help people without resources. Sokasi Banten holds local programms aiming at making healthcare and education accessible in Indonesia. Since its creation, our association has been able to divert around 60.000 euros from its own internal capital earned thanks to the sales of offering baskets. We have chosen two NGO partners  which both have an over-ten-year-experience in Indonesia :

§  Bumi Sehat, a dispensary founded 15 years ago by Ibu Robin Lim who was elected Heroe of the year by the CNN in 2011. It helps with the birth of 600 babies every year and provides free medical care to mothers and children without resources.

 §  Anak  « Assistance to children in Indonesia », an association that was co-founded in 2003 by Christine Grosso who sponsors the primary , secondary and higher tuition fees of almost 300 young underpriviledged indonesians .

De gauche à droite : Christine GROSSO (Co-Fondatrice d'Anak), Catherine Chouard (Fondatrice de Sokasi Banten), Robin LIM Fondatrice de Bumi Sehat

From left to right : Christine GROSSO (Co-Founder of Anak), Catherine Chouard (Founder of Sokasi Banten), Robin LIM (Founder of Bumi Sehat).

In the field of health:


Tika, the new recruit of the screening lab

In 2013, Sokasi Banten has completed from its own capital the financing (12.000 euros) for the creation of a free screening laboratory of HIV, dengue and hepatitis, in particular for pregnant women, within the Bumi Sehat dispensary in Bali. Since its opening in June 2013, it has already saved many lives thanks to a free analysis that can be done on the spot by a qualified laboratory assistant who was recruited for that purpose.



The book about pregnancy: “Mother Nature”

In 2012, Sokasi Banten financed the publication and the diffusion of 5000 copies of a 100 page book about pregnancy, childbirth and nutritional education of the baby(with indonesian food, which did not exist before).This book was intended for a free distribution to women without resources. In order to facilitate its diffusion to the identified target, we appealed to Anak so that their 300 sponsored children could give this book to their mother or big sisters. Sokasi Banten financed the medical check-up of Anak’s 300 sponsored children.

In the field of Education:

Since its creation, Sokasi Banten has helped maintaining the scholarship of 14 young indonesians without resources, contributed to the 3-year-training-programme of 8 midwives, and co-financed 5 university educations lasting from 3 to 5 years. In 2014, an agreement between Sokasi Banten and HRA Pharma will enable to finance midwife studies for 3 indonesian young girls during 3 years (30.000 euros). In 2013, Sokasi Banten donated to Anak 9.500 euros to help financing secondary and higher education for young people without resources.This enabled in particular a civic teacher, a Balinese teacher and a family economy assistant, to carry on their studies. This amount also allowed to finance dance lessons for young handicaped children given by a teacher, Ketut Bendesa, who has invented a method to teach indonesian dance to deaf and dumb children. The Foundation Cassiopée gave 9.200 euros to complete the financing of the dentist studies for a young man sponsored by Anak and already helped by Sokasi Banten 

Les deux nouvelles diplômées sage-femme en compagnie d'Ibu Robin Lim (à gauche) et Catherine Chouard (2ème à droite)

The two newly gratuaded midwives surrounded by Ibu Robin Lim (left) and Catherine Chouard (2nd on the right)


In 2012, the Foundation Cassiopee donated 7.300 euros, completing Sokasi Banten’s own donation to keep Bumi Sehat midwife training going.