Founder’s message

Our non-profit association, Sokasi Banten, was created in March 2009 after my first trip to Indonesia. It was inspired by the offerings as a daily practice.The « offering basket » has become the symbol of our association that, for that matter, carries its name.

Sokasi comes from the sanskrit words « su kasih », to give what is precious, and Banten « be enten » means already aware, as if the way to reach awareness was by offering what is most precious.

The spirit of our association is to « offer a chance » to those who have very little, by supporting their health and education and this way, giving them access to what is precious.

Since we exist,  we have been supporting a few concrete actions and partnerships that we are very pleased to introduce you to, and we rely on your support to be able to carry on with them (knowing that Sokasi Banten was state-approved in 2011, which allows the tax deduction from your company or income tax donation if your tax declaration is located in France).

We wish to thank you so much for your support that is very precious to us.

Sincerely yours,

Catherine Chouard