As members of Sokasi Banten, we share a philosophy of action, we are pragmatic and close to the practical concerns. We make sure to remain totally independant, to ensure the respect of the cultures and to completely redistribute the donations we get. We are all entirely voluntary, we finance personally our journeys on the spot and reduce the association’s operating costs to the bare minimum(5%), so that the whole benefit of the association can finance concrete actions. The elected members of the Sokasi Banten Desk went all at least once to Bali in order to meet the people involved in our actions as well as our partners there. Our accounts are all annually submitted to audit and  certified by an independant chartered accountant (Alcyon).

Sokasi Banten philosophy is to « offer a chance » to those who, in Indonesia, have very little, to access care and education. We do not wish to set people in assistance but to develop their work income. We take action with our conscience and our heart, with a total philosophical, religious, political and institutional independance.


- Directly : we give support to a community of about twenty craftswomen living near Bangli, in Bali. All year long, we are actively in search of orders from companies or organizations ( universities, local authorities…) to guarantee these women a regular income supplement, remaining fair and facilitating solidarity.This helps them cope with unexpected expenses (fixing a roof, health expenses, scolarship expenses such as uniforms, public transportation…).Thank  you for providing us any contact.

-       As an « NGO ANGEL » : Being very few and having a busy professionnal life besides leads us to be efficient and realistic. Aiming at having a maximum impact on the spot while remaining close to their practical concerns, we chose to develop strong partnerships, with NGO which have been installed for over ten years in Indonesia and whose achievements are most acknowledged , and these are ANAK and BUMI SEHAT. It took us a few years to get to know each other, to make sure we shared the same values and orientations. We did not want to interfere in their governance or reorientate their mission but hold projects they can not totally finance by themselves. This is another way to « offer a chance » in aid of the poorest. In 2010, we started giving financial support to identified actions having positive effects on the community ; we would not have had the time nor the skills to set them in motion ourselves by ourselves.

-  We have also developed very close relationships with sponsors like two french Foundations (Cassiopee and  HRA Pharma ones) who trust us and finance some of our projects there in Bali. We wish to ensure our continued existence and guarantee that all our actions are extremely seriously held. Our role is also to connect local NGO and sponsors, by giving information, achieving follow-up of progress and control of started actions.