The history …


It all began with an encounter in August 2008 on an island, in Bali, Indonesia, with a man and a women worrying about the birth of their third child.They know they will not afford the cost of the caesarian at the hospital.The mother and the baby could both die during labour. She is aware of that but has no way out of the situation.

Komang Bagas

Komang Bagas

She belongs to the poorest caste and has no relative who may help her find a solution even when she is seven month pregnant.This situation deeply touched me and was the cause of my first personal involvment in Bali. The child was born on October 5, 2008, a gorgeous little boy named Komang Bagas.


Some pictures of the birth of our association …

On this occasion, I met other very poor women in a village near Bangli, who make offering baskets in order to provide for their needs.Their gestures, handed down from mother to daughter, stem from an ancestral tradition.The offering baskets are used in each family to bring their daily offerings to the family temple as well as to the village temple on the occasion of the ceremonies that occur very often in Bali.These offerings are a main thing in the balinese culture. Bali and Banten which means offering have the same sanskrit root, showing their closeness ! The offerings are an act of gratitude to life, to ancestors, to nature, to gods and so hold harmony. Even so, the income of the basket makers stemming from the local sales are not enough to provide them decent living conditions. Therefore we have wished to encourage their work by finding new ways for them to sell their offering baskets instead of assisting them. That is the reason why we organize every year a big solidarity sale, every second Sunday of December, and we keep searching for numerous sales to companies and organizations. Our priority  for the three  years to come is to help them set up a cooperative, create their own shop and their distribution network, there in Bali.

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