The butterfly effect


 It is our historical partner company, the first one ! As soon as Sokasi Banten was created, the swiss  company  Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts chose the balinese offering basket as a symbolic object  to illustrate its duties towards the deprived people in the places worldwide where their hotels are established. In 2009, when they launched their corporate social responsability policy, Catherine Chouard was invited in Jordan on Henrik Mansson ‘s demand – then vice-president of the Group’s Human Ressources, to witness of the Sokasi Banten initiative.

 3 years after, almost 1000 baskets were offered to managers who had come from the whole world to attend the corporate university seminars. Each of them aims at developping  partnerships with communities of women in the countries where their hotels are established in order to promote their craftswork and facilitate the sales (without getting any commission) in their hotel shops. The offering basket has become the international symbol of their initiative for societal involvement.

 In 2010, La Compagnie des Alpes, a subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépôts, launched a Campus that was intended to their leaders development. An offering basket was offered to each person attending the first seminar in order to put in one’s concrete personal involvement for a better world.

 Since 2012, the President of the Paris-Dauphine university and also the Professors  solemnly give the MBA and Master in Human Ressources diplomas with an offering basket in order to emphasize the solidarity between generations, cultures and education levels. What a symbol in the temple of finance studies for those who will have to manage Men and Women in companies throughout the world ! And what a beautiful recognition for the balinese craftswomen who did not have a chance to carry on their studies after primary school !

 In june 2010, the Danone group offered an offering basket to their 200 Human Ressources managers who had gathered for their international convention in Evian. A human link throughout space !

The Company Eurohealthnet decided to support Sokasi Bantent by donating a significant part of their annual benefits. The donation was dedicated to health education via our partnership with Bumi Sehat in Bali.



Catherine Chouard invitée de Jump

In december 2012, the Jump company supported Sokasi Banten by giving offering baskets to the 300 people attending the first Jump Forum in Paris. Jump promotes the men/women mixity within companies and offers women concrete tools to help them fulfilling their professional and personal life. Catherine Chouard was invited by Jump to end the Forum as an inspiring personality and to present Sokasi Banten.


Henrik Mansson, Marathon de Copenhague

Henrik Mansson, Marathon de Copenhague

Henrik Mansson ran the Copenhague marathon in 4,08 hours, raising money for two Charities. His generous effort allowed Sokasi Banten to collect 1.500€. We warmly thank him!

The Chairman of a Board donated , via a well-known Foundation, 3000 euros wishing to contribute this way to the midwife training program in partnership with the NGO Bumi Sehat and also to the studies of a young dentist, supported by our partner, Anak Bali.



The butterfly effect

Putu Anggawati Sautelet

Putu Anggawati Sautelet          Fondatrice de Sekar Jagat

 Supporting indonesian women stimulated their community in the Paris surroundings. On Mrs Ni Putu Anggawati Sautelet initiative, they created their own association, Sekar Jagat (Flower of the World in sanskrit) in june 2011 to bring back the traditional songs and dances of their childhood. They are all voluntary, they train one Sunday out of two  to reach a nearly professional level, for the audience’s greatest happiness and therefore, to bring us their active support.